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At the age of ten, Valerie found her passion for filmmaking by creating lego Star Wars videos and capturing anything she could find. Over the years she continued to learn more about the art of filmmaking. During adolescence, Valerie started her own youtube channel where she uploaded gaming videos, short comedy scenes, and action sports films. She was inspired by successful visual effects artist and youtube stars Zach King and iJustine (pictured in photos). Her family realized quickly that Valerie's destiny was to be in the video production industry.



She attended Cuyahoga Valley Career Center studying Media Technology and pursued her Bachelor's Degree at Cleveland State’s Film and Media Arts Program. In addition, prior to college Valerie was involved with three internships at Zinc Insurance, Garage Creative, and The Cleveland Royals Soccer Tournament. Valerie started her business during high school by photographing her classmates' senior photos and advanced into filming live events including weddings, seminars, and networking groups. She is a large advocate for supporting local businesses and providing the very best digital content for her clientele. 


Valerie Garrett Productions is a multimedia company based in Cleveland, Ohio that focuses on creating cinematic content with a passion. We provide multiple services such as script writing, live action recording, photography, live streaming, audio engineering, and editing. 


Founded in 2017, we were inspired to visually share what matters most; your story. Valerie wanted to create a video production company to help grow local businesses and create engaging content that will last a lifetime. With the use of extensive pre-production planning, industry standard equipment, and our dedicated team; we guarantee that our video and photo products will generate you more leads and spike brand awareness. 

No matter the size of your project, we can confidently develop a video strategy that fits perfectly for you. 

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