Anna Sanders: Kenston Bombers #36

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

This video turned out exactly what I have envisioned it to be. Creating this film as a team effort truly hit the bar. As soon as I saw the post on Twitter I knew I wanted to make this a story.

Cheers to the individuals that continue to inspire us each and everyday. Anna defines what it means to be a kicker for the Kenston Bombers. The first girl in Ohio to score 6/6 while winning a state championship, Kenston awarded: special team player of the year, first girl in Kenston history to score points for the team, went 65/71 in extra points with a 91% average and went 6/7 in field goals.

Anna, you inspire me to keep chasing my dreams.

The Team

Producer: Valerie Garrett Director: Jessica Halas Director of Photography: Valerie Garrett Directors Assistant: Heather Spikes Gaffer: Chad Critelli Key Grip: Koby Crites

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